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1/16/2017: Quest CLOSED in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Quest Community:

Quest Center for Integrative Health will be closed Monday, January 16, 2017 observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day. While Quest won’t be open, there a myriad of ways to take this day as form of remembrance, solidarity to marginalized communities and advocating for tolerance.

In 1983, Coretta Scott King “The holiday must be substantive as well as symbolic. It must be more than a day of celebration… Let this holiday be a day of reflection, a day of teaching nonviolent philosophy and strategy, a day of getting involved in nonviolent action for social and economic progress.”

Keep Fighting: in order to preserve progress, never forget we’re still fighting the battle for equality across all sectors: gender identity, race, income, gender expression, religion and many other areas. Knowing that discrimination still happens and is being recorded should not be overlooked.
Activities: here’s a list of MLK Day events for Monday – come together as a community to pick up trash, plant trees, volunteer in food banks and more.
Promoting Tolerance: get kids and classrooms involved in anti-bullying efforts and exercising tolerance.
Move beyond the Quotes: MLK’s influenced more efforts besides racial equity, he also impacted women’s rights, poverty and privilege.

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Have a great weekend and happy MLK Day!