Baue RappaportBeau Rappaport is one of our Peer Support Specialists here at Quest and an asset to our team.  He has an array of experience in providing support to community members in need.  Between 2007-2010 Beau worked in a clinic in the rural mountains of northern Haiti.  In this setting, Beau provided triage, education, and support services for community members affected by HIV and other chronic diseases. In June of 2015 Beau traveled to Nicaragua, working with local NGO’s on Community Development Projects.  Now stateside, he is a dedicated student in the School of Community Development as Portland State University.  Beau is on track to graduate from that program in 2016 with his B.A.

One of Beau’s greatest strengths has evolved from his own struggle with addiction.  In March of 2013 Beau reached out and accepted help from recovery community.  This began a path to recovery he continues to follow with commitment and consistency. Because of his lived experience, he is dedicated to providing the same support to those in need.  Beau has a unique understanding of overcoming addiction and realizes that recovery is more than the removal of drugs and alcohol from an otherwise unchanged life.  Recovery and health involve a holistic approach addressing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness.  Beau actively seeks this wellness in his own life as well as contributing wellness to our community here at Quest.