Lydia has been a recovery mentor since 2008. She holds the distinction of having been the first recovery mentor ever in the Washington County Corrections Center for incarcerated women. It was a job she was hired for through Steps to Success, helping her become self-sufficient as a single mother following a decade in the prison system.

As a recovery mentor, Lydia provides assistance securing clean and sober housing, employment, referrals to 12-step programs, clothing, and much more. She is dedicated to helping her clients and continuing to build relationships with community partners.

Among her accomplishments is the creation of training videos for the jail. For instance, on the “Triggers Trip” Lydia takes women downtown on public transportation so they can learn how to get around without putting themselves at high risk. “It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and help those wounded women who are fighting for their lives and want to live another way,” Lydia said.