RobertRobert has been involved in self-recovery for many years, with his first experience helping others to heal being as a volunteer co-facilitator fostering growth with a group of Vietnam vets. From there, Robert moved on to continue experiencing his own life clean and sober. Coming full circle and having had unimaginable wonderful experiences as a result of sobriety, it became time to participate in the facilitation of growth and healing for those who still suffer and who wish to step into living life.  A Vietnam-era veteran himself, Robert was given an opportunity through the VA to go back to school. What arose was a reawakening of the passion to facilitate growth as an alcohol and drug counselor. He is a graduate of the Portland Community College Alcohol and Drug Counseling program where he developed new skills and enhanced the innate qualities he already possessed. Robert started here at Quest as an intern, and grew into the position of Addictions Counselor.         

Robert has worked in the animation industry, and as a result has taught art at the college level, has drawn caricatures in theme parks, and has been invited to perform drawing caricatures in people’s homes. He continues to pursue his love of drawing.