Dr. Wendy Neal specializes in osteopathic manipulation with an emphasis on gentle, low-force approaches such as cranial osteopathy, biodynamics, and myofascial release. These are useful in relieving musculoskeletal and nerve pain and trauma, vertigo, headaches, and other problems in adults, as well as many problems in newborns and children. Women with breast cancer benefit from reduced pain, swelling, and post-operative motion restriction and improved circulatory, lymphatic and immune system function, and many feel it is useful in dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. Dr. Neal leads Mind and Body and other groups and incorporates guided imagery, relaxation, breathing, and stress reduction techniques into osteopathic treatment sessions, when indicated. She is on the Board of Directors for her international association, The Cranial Academy, teaches cranial and biodynamic osteopathy around the country, and is Board Certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, as well as Family Practice and Naturopathic Medicine.