Wellness, Integrity, and Sustainable Health (WISH) Pain Management Program

WISH is a multidisciplinary integrated medical and behavioral health program designed to treat chronic pain, effectively and compassionately, with the understanding that the experience of pain affects the whole of the patient.  Our primary goal is to increase your quality of life.  We believe a holistic approach to the management of pain will allow for improved function and the reduction of debilitating symptoms.

We are all a community of individuals and your care should reflect that.  The effective treatment of chronic pain demands a system of care that understands you as an individual.  Your treatment begins by creating meaningful and lasting relationships with your providers.  For nearly 30 years, Quest has long held the belief that effective healing requires a supportive and understanding community.

Our focus is your wellness – Understanding the source of your pain and its impact on your life is critical to addressing the issue of chronic pain.  Our goal is to respectfully address the totality of your condition regardless of whether that is solely chronic pain or with issues of mental health, opioid dependency, and/or substance abuse.

In a healing setting your integrity is our focus. Our treatment coordinators will work with you and your primary care physician to determine and structure a program specifically tailored to your pain management needs.  With an assortment of tools and capabilities, we shape treatment programs that are manageable and sustainable by integrating acupuncture, yoga, mental health, medication management, treatment from substance use disorders, nutrition and peer support in a community setting.

WISH Program Strategies

We offer a full range of services to help you start on the path to good health within our program. The following evidenced-based interventions are designed to restore function and reduce pain.

Pain Management

Referrals and New Clients

We are currently accepting new clients. Please call 503.238.5203 and request to schedule an appointment with the WISH Coordinator. Quest exclusively accepts CareOregon and FamilyCare Health plans for the WISH program. Please call our intake specialist to see if your insurance covers our approach to pain management.

If you are an external provider please use the external referral form found on Quest Center’s website.